Welcome to the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce!

The Strongsville Chamber was established in 1941 and is one of the largest Chambers in the state of Ohio.

The organization provides a necessary channel through which the business interests of the community can be improved. Your investment in the Chamber gives you yet another business partner and an additional voice in the economic growth of our region. The Chamber also provides members with an opportunity to be a part of the framework of the community as it continues to grow.

We offer a convenient way to meet new people, locate business opportunities, and access a vast array of information. A city prospers by community-wide cooperation. So will you!

Join the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce today!

Mission Statement

The Strongsville Chamber of Commerce is an organization consisting of business and professional leaders from the community.  Its primary mission is to bring together the resources of the community to further business growth and support the development or implementation of various business related activities or events.

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