Grand Opening – Ribbon Cutting – Ground Breaking Ceremony

Congratulations! Your grand opening, ribbon cutting or ground breaking ceremony represents an important day for your business. The Strongsville Chamber of Commerce can help you plan your special ceremony. Contact the Chamber 3-4 weeks prior to your ceremony so we can help you plan a successful event.


Selecting a date: You should allow yourself plenty of time to organize the details of the event.  Planning should begin at a minimum of three to four weeks ahead of the actual event date if possible.  This will also allow attendees enough time to respond and mark their calendars.  Before choosing a date, here are some important things to consider:

  • Be aware of major holidays and avoid planning your event for those days.
  • Also, if you are trying to attract bankers or government officials, take note of any special holidays when their offices may be closed.
  • Try to avoid a conflict with major community and/or sports events. Log on to to find out what events are taking place locally.
  • Consult the Chamber’s online Events Calendar to assure you aren’t selecting a date that conflicts with an established Chamber event.
  • The best days of the week to get good attendance are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mondays tend to be too busy for most people to leave the office and many people take Fridays off to start their weekend early.
  • Avoid holding a weekend event. Most people have their own personal or recreational plans on Saturday and Sunday.
  • If planning an outdoor event: Choose an alternative date or location in case of inclement weather.
  • Plan the type of invitation: Formal letter, informal letter, postcard, e-mail or flier. Include your logo and name, the type of event, date and time, address and a method for the recipients to RSVP. You may also include your business card and a map, if appropriate.
  • Designate your contact person: The contact person will track RSVPs as they are returned. You may want to phone or send e-mail reminders a few days before the event.
  • Your guest list: May include many varied individuals, from your family and friends to staff; clients; business associates such as bankers advisors and other professionals; neighboring businesses; volunteer associations; community leaders; elected officials; and the media.

Program and Ceremony

Whether you’re staging a ribbon cutting or a groundbreaking for your company, it adds a nice touch to an event to have a brief program of some kind.  It provides not only valuable recognition for you and your key people, but also makes the event more purposeful and allows you to explain more about your business.  Consider these suggestions when planning your program or formal ceremony:

  • Choose an emcee to welcome your guests and introduce any other speakers: He or she may also offer a few remarks, thank appropriate persons and recognize VIPs in attendance who will not be speaking.
  • If you plan to include guest speakers, contact them early so they have enough time to prepare remarks and tell them how long they will have to speak. This typically very brief, 2-3 minutes.
  • Call to confirm their attendance approximately one week prior to the event.
  • People generally anticipate spending no more than about a half hour at a ribbon cutting or grand opening ceremony, so plan your event agenda accordingly.
  • Indoors or out, any group of 50 or less usually does not need a microphone system.
  • Ribbon cutting/ground breaking: Decide who will cut the ribbon/hold a shovel and notify them in advance. Have those designated (and any other attendees you desire) stand in the appropriate area. They should face the audience for pictures. You may want to have the audience do a countdown. (3-2-1)
  • If you plan to conduct tours: Choose your tour guides in advance, or have a self-guided tour with signs or handouts to direct event attendees.

What The Chamber Can Do For You

  • Inform Economic Development Director, Brent Painter
  • Inform City of Strongsville Media Writer, Debbie Palmer
  • Inform Chamber Trustees
  • Inform City Council
  • Inform The Post Newspapers
  • Post your event on the Chamber Event Calendar – Chamber Website
  • Post your event on the Chamber digital sign, corner of Rt. 42 & Rt. 82.
  • The Chamber can provide a pair of oversized, 25-inch presentation scissors to use during the ribbon cutting ceremony.
    If you need to use the scissors, please notify Amy Ferree in advance at 440.238.3366 or
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