The Strongsville Chamber of Commerce invites you to join us by participating in the
Homecoming Parade on Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 6:30 pm.  Be sure to wear your GREEN AND WHITE and show your "HOMETOWN PRIDE"

To be entered in the parade, you must go to our website www.strongsvillechamber.com click the Parade Application Tab and submit the form by July 1, 2019.
Note the following important information regarding this year's event!

  1. The parade will begin on Pearl Road at Progress Drive as usual, and will end at Westwood Dr.  All marchers and automobiles will be asked to turn left into Westwood Dr. and continue to the Recreation Center parking lot.  Large commercial vehicles may be allowed to proceed south on Pearl when exiting the parade at the discretion of the Strongsville Police Department / Chamber of Commerce. 
  2. Any parade entrant that is neither a Strongsville Chamber of Commerce Member, Strongsville based charitable organization, or a 2019 Homecoming Sponsor will be charged a nonrefundable $250.00 entry fee payable to the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce at the time of registration.  If applicable to your entry, please include your fee with the registration form. The determination of the applicability of this fee is solely at the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce's discretion.
  3. Each entry is allocated approximately 25 feet of space in the parade.  Entries requiring additional space should contact the Chamber of Commerce office for details by July 1, 2019, which request for additional space be determined shall be determined is the sole discretion of the Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Ice cream, popsicles or other frozen treats may not be distributed by parade participants as their popularity among the children viewing the parade creates unnecessary danger and delays. The Strongsville Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to prohibit distribution of items, in its discretion.
 For the safety of the children attending the parade, no candy, food items, or materials of any kind may be distributed from any car, truck or vehicle. The Chamber of Commerce requires that all parade participants planning to distribute candy or other permissible items, as determined is the sole discretion of the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce, use individuals walking at a safe distance from vehicles to provide treats or items curbside.  
Participants shall not throw candy or any other items from the vehicles or engage in any other behavior that may create a risk of harm to others.
The Strongsville Chamber of Commerce reserves its right to exclude or remove from the Parade any participants failing to adhere to these requirements, without refund of any amounts paid to participate in the Parade.
Your placement in the Homecoming Parade is the sole discretion of the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce.
The parade route, your entry-location number and any last minute information will be communicated to you the week prior to the parade.  Please be certain to include the e-mail address, contact name, and phone number on your entry form.

All participants in the parade must enter from Westwood and Alameda to their staging area.  There will be no drop offs at Pearl and Progress.

Thank you for participating in this outstanding hometown tradition. If you have any questions, please call the Chamber of Commerce at 440-238-3366 or email info@strongsvillechamber.com.

Strongsville Chamber of Commerce
18829 Royalton Road
Strongsville, Oh  44136
Phone 440-238-3366 


Parade Application Form

Name of Entry      
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Please check the appropriate boxes below.

I am a 2019 Homecoming Sponsor
I am a member in good standing with the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce
I represent a Strongsville based Charitable organization
(If none of the boxes above are checked, please include a nonrefundable check for $250 payable to Strongsville Chamber of Commerce as an entry fee to secure your entry in this year’s parade.)
All participants shall furnish their own transportation to, from and during the parade. Please return this Entry Form  and fee if applicable to the address below as soon as possible as placement depends on when this form and payment, if applicable, is received. All forms must be received July 1, 2019For further information, call 440-238-3366 weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or email info@strongsvillechamber.com.
Disclaimer: I voluntarily agree to participate in the 2019 Homecoming parade at my own risk and release and waive any claims, demands, damages, and actions against the organizers of the Homecoming , The City of Strongsville or the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce and their respective officers, directors, employees, elected officials, representatives, agents, successors, and assigns. I, on behalf of myself, my representatives, agents, successors, assigns, and anyone participating with me in the parade do hereby further agree to indemnify and hold The Parade and Homecoming Festival, its organizers, The City of Strongsville, or the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce and their respective officers, directors, employees, elected officials, representatives, agents, successors, and assigns harmless from any claims or damages, including attorneys fees, for injuries or damage caused by me or anyone else participating with me. I agree that I will provide an adequate number of persons (as determined is the sole discretion of the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce) to distribute any permissible items to parade viewers. I further agree to refrain from distributing any candy, frozen treats, or other food, clothing or other materials from any car, truck or other vehicle, and will refrain from distributing leaflets or other materials to parade viewers or citizens, or from engaging in any conduct that may present a danger or risk of injury to any other person at the Homecoming Parade. I acknowledge that the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce has sole discretion regarding the appropriateness of parade entry content, and reserves the right to disallow an entry from participation up to and including the date of the parade, and to determine whether the parade will occur based on weather conditions or any other reason.
I agree that the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce may exclude or remove me from the parade for any violations of the above policies and I will not be entitled to any refund of any amounts paid to participate.
By checking YES, I acknowledge on behalf of myself and any organization I represent in this matter to have read and agree to the above captioned terms, including, without limitation, the Disclaimer.
Yes, I accept these terms.

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